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The documentation technicians are a highly-motivated team with vast experience and understanding of its customer documentation requirements. It is critical to get the documentation package right. Our production support system is based on electronic AS-planned documentation and reports are returned electronically as AS-build documentations direct from every targeted operation. The documentation requirements vary from customer to customer and by region to region. Typically, a documentation package can range from between 300 to over 2,300 pages for some of our larger assembly packages. The documentation package will be compiled in accordance with the customer specification and can contain a certificate of conformity, material certification and tractability, dimension report, hardness report, relevant NDT report, NDT personnel qualification records and third party certificates, such as coating, welding wire records, welding maps and heat treatment reports. Our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, which controls all business information from enquiries to invoicing, integrates seamlessly with Odda Digital System's VTS (Visual Tracking System) – an advanced planning, scheduling and supply chain integration tool. This delivers a smooth and accurate production process with real time information readily available for all our key customers.

Over 20 years experience and knowledge of international industrial systems, dedicated to provide the best economical solutions to ourvalued customers.