PROFI Spiralbohrer DIN 338 HSS-geschliffen 5,1 mm

PROFI Spiralbohrer DIN 338 HSS-geschliffen 5,1 mm: Baumarkt. Elektro- und Handwerkzeuge online - PROFI Spiralbohrer DIN 338 HSS-geschliffen 5, 1 mm. PROFI Spiralbohrer DIN 338 HSS-geschliffen 5, 1 mm.. Spiralbohrer 。 5,1 mm 。 Kernlochbohrer 。 HSS-G 。 PROFI Spiralbohrer DIN 338 HSS-geschliffen 5, mm 。 。 。

PROFI Spiralbohrer DIN 338 HSS-geschliffen 5,1 mm

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About Us

Odda Technology is a global turn key supplier of high accuracy industry metal products, on & offshore mainly into subsea.

The company is based on people with competence and systems that over the last 40 years has produced, among many other products, rotary parts for gas turbines & jet engines and manufactured subsea connections components to world leading industry customers, nationally and globally.

With basis in its long industrial history and competence Odda Technology can, by offering early phase engineering services, project, purchasing and manufacturing expertise in weld & machining, maintain a leading position in all disciplines now engaged in.

Odda Technology aim to work with partnership models both nationally and globally, to the benefit for all parties. Our goal is to be our customers' first choice as a strategic partner for demanding projects consisting of challenging production of high accuracy machining, welding, control and assy/test.

The company's 'Industry 4.0' digital systems for management and operational control of projects and production shall be used as a cost-effective liaison with customers and suppliers and help to promote and enhance the parties market advantage.



Odda Technology was established on the 15th of September in 2016. This was a result of an management buyout from the former group company. Core personnel from former company, with up to 40 years of operational experience, decided to continue the operations and bring the high accuracy industry heritage further on.

The original company was started in Odda back in 1977, then established as a part of Kongsberg Våpenfabrikk (KV), with the purpose to produce rotary parts for gas turbines and jet-engine parts for the F16 jet.

When the Norwegian goverment in the early 70`s established Statoil and Kongsberg Offshore, to lift the subsea industry, the KV environments had a central role in development and production of subsea system equipment. Through this period KV Odda also was a key player in the development of Subsea high accuracy products, and contributed a lot to the birth of the Subsea system industry, now a global industry.

Many of the people who took part in this activity is now in central positions in Odda Technology and use their competence in advanced prototype production, for all type of industries.

The company’s well equipped 6000m2 facility is placed in the Odda municipality, where we have the benefits of high industrial competence.



PROFI Spiralbohrer DIN 338 HSS-geschliffen 5,1 mm

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Over 20 years experience and knowledge of international industrial systems, dedicated to provide the best economical solutions to ourvalued customers.

PROFI Spiralbohrer DIN 338 HSS-geschliffen 5,1 mm

1 mm, PROFI Spiralbohrer DIN 338 HSS-geschliffen 5,Elektro- und Handwerkzeuge online - PROFI Spiralbohrer DIN 338 HSS-geschliffen 5, Trend-Mode-Produkte Bezahlbare Preise Jetzt einkaufen Niedrigere Preise für alle Alle Waren genießen einen Mindestrabatt.